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If you would like to use our site then you will need to follow the private privacy disclaimer that we outline and will also need to abide by the terms of use policies and the privacy policies. If you do not agree with these then you may not use the site. Below is a list of policies that we outline to you if you do choose to use the website.

  1. If you wish to read the novels that are on the site then you can do so free of charge and can also share these with other readers.
  2. Anyone using the site and the material within it must not copy and distribute that in any way. This includes the text and images used within the site.
  3. The user may also not copy and publish our content on any websites and blogs across the Internet. However, you may share links to the website on other locations throughout the web.
  4. All the content that we publish on our website is protected by the DMCA and if you do choose to copy it without our permission then we will take legal action and have the publishers website taken down, as well as a search ban by the search engines.
  5. Users are encouraged to leave comments and participate on the website in a positive way but will get banned from using the site if they leave any abusive content.
  6. Users are also not allowed to share their links within comments and if they do so they will be banned from using the website.
  7. We are allowed to modify and change our policies at any time and it is your responsibility to check these policies on a regular basis so that you are operating within them.

If you wish to find out any more information concerning the policies that we outline, then simply click the following link.

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